dedicated teams

dedicated teams

Design software products, and keep your in-house team focused

Enjoy your software while leaving production and maintenance to a team of experts. If you’re looking for dedicated tech talent, growing beyond your local capabilities, the Offshore Dedicated Team is the perfect solution.

Design software products as your business develops, scale your team as you see fit, and work with our talented individuals.

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Quality candidates

A great team is driven towards one end goal and brings a unique set of skills and value on the table.

Bringing together people with ideal qualifications and specific programming skills is our main goal.


We track the work of developers and invest in their growth.
We can scale your development team quickly, with the same team of people working only on your project.


We adapt to your individual needs, processes, and tools. Integrated with your internal teams and infrastructure.

The dedicated team is a really effective cooperation model. You can select a team or apply any staff changes and be fully flexible with your project.

Instant availability

We get you the right people within two weeks. The core team is assembled and trained quickly – often ready to start work in 2-3 weeks.

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How we work

Great software comes from great partnerships, a passionate team, and the latest appropriate technologies.

We believe in long term strategic relationships with our customers and partners.

Euro IT Group aims to gather a pool of talents in computer engineering, and help companies move away from far shore outsourcing for quick life-cycle and agile development.

We guarantee a professional approach and quality standards.

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E-learning Case Study


Ruby on Rails


The customer chose to concentrate on building the business on a platform with basic functionalities, but the goal was to develop a complex e-learning platform.

EURO IT GROUP contribution:

80% of the e-learning portal was developed by our team, including new features such as users interface, go to meeting function, Google drive integration, Salesforce integration and complex multimedia features; Furthermore our team also developed the mobile app for iOS and Android, including graphics & UX and improved our customer’s e-commerce website.

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Our group companies have delivered more than thousands of projects worldwide to customers of various sizes from a range of industry sectors.