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Value oriented services for companies that can’t afford to compromise on quality. Our group companies have delivered more than thousands of projects worldwide to customers of various sizes from a range of industry sectors.




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We are wholly geared to delivering the very best solutions to our client’s business needs. We recognise that each need, and therefore each solution, is different but that our clients want quick, cost effective, high quality results. We deliver against all those criteria by combining core, repeatable, engagement model components to deliver robust, innovative, solutions for our clients. Our engagement model is based on in depth experience of the IT services industry and a recognition that clients now demand a better, more refreshing, way of working with and delivering to them.
Euro IT Group’s unique organisation structure means we can offer market leading commercial models whilst continuing to deliver the very highest quality levels of service, emphasised by our Quality Accreditations. We will make sure to manage costs and continuously improve, without being prompted to do so. We understand our clients’ businesses and their market pressures, so we commit to work alongside them and share both the risk and reward of doing so.
Our delivery is based from Nearshore centres in Central and Eastern Europe, because that is where we find the best combination of technical, business and communication skills anywhere in the world. Our Nearshore model gives our clients access to world class people, just three hours flight time away and two hours’ time difference, from UK. Coupled with our commitment to low cost/high quality, this gives our clients the very best option for IT service delivery.
Ultimately, Euro IT Group’s ongoing success is down to the calibre and quality of our people. For this reason, we can confidently say Euro IT Group is the right partner as your IT services provider, as our people are world class, in their technology skills, their business skills and their client interaction.
Our unique organisation structure means we have access to a huge range of technology skills, all of which are current and accessible. This gives us the confidence to engage on any IT application related requirement, from a technology agnostic perspective, meaning our clients get the right solution for their business, every time.

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Our values

Great software comes from great partnerships, talented people, and the latest appropriate technologies.

At Euro IT Group we believe in long term strategic relationships with our customers and partners.  Our customers cannot compromise on quality, professionalism, and service.

Performance, design and user experience are the foundations of all our software.



how we work

Best team

We focus on bringing together passionate engineers with common goals and aspirations.

Honesty and integrity

We do business based on good ethics, trust and expertise.


Our ambition is to exceed each customer’s expectations.

Customer value

We do our best to understand customer needs and goals and add extra value to the process.


Insurance blockchain technology platform


Sass RxJS
Component libs: Material-UI & ReactMD


The customer needed a software development partner to support their inhouse development team with front end solutions for their Enterprise Solutions.


EURO IT GROUP contribution:

Our engineering team was first involved in the design and implementation of a modern, user friendly front-end for the Membership Management module of their insurance platform utilising blockchain technology.

The solution empowers insurers, reinsurers & brokers to take smarter and faster business and sales decision by gaining access to relevant data from various sources, taking advantage of the benefits brought by blockchain technology.

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Executive Team

Drawing on an international career of over 30 years and a quarter century as an inspiring business leader and international technology entrepreneur, Ian founded EuroIT Group in 2014 being convinced that ambitious growth companies can apply the same professional corporate governance standards on their board and in their organisation as listed FTSE100 companies while maintaining total customer focus and business agility.

Ian Tidder

CEO & Founder

With a track record of more than 20 years experience in business development, Sergiu assists Softelligence’s management with his expertise in business growth, in the areas of corporate governance, organizational development and special business development projects.

Sergiu Negut

Partner, Member of the Board, VP of Business Development

Bogdan has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He held various strategic roles with a global reach, both on software delivery and on business development departments. Bogdan started his career as software developer and system architect, moved to project management and later to a CTO position where he managed an international delivery department and handled large deployments and complex system integration projects, working with multiple technology partners and distributed teams.

Bogdan Danila


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Our group companies have delivered more than thousands of projects worldwide to customers of various sizes from a range of industry sectors.