eCommerce Case Study – Telecom Operator Shop


The customer, one of the largest telecom operators in Europe, needed to rebuild their legacy online shop solution using a scalable microservices based infrastructure optimised for all devices, with cross-selling and upselling tools, robust infrastructure for keeping the site running during peak times.


Euro IT Group provided a Scrum team of Java engineers to rebuild the previous monolithic architecture of the online shop. The portal is now integrated with SSO (Single Sign On), ePayment, CRM and various web services. Having a solid platform to built upon, new services are continuously added to the platform. The re-architectured eCommerce solution provides extensibility to new modules and integrations and, due to its modular architecture, it can be better and faster tested.


DWR, Memcached, Apache JMeter


  • Telecom shop
  • Integrated platform

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