How we work

How we work

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We focus on accelerating software development through a blend of talented people and the best technologies.

We work closely with each customer from the very beginning. Let us help you to choose the best possible option for your business.

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Let’s discover the best way to collaborate, starting with getting to know each other and specific needs of your business.

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Turning your idea into a fully operational digital product is a massive undertaking that requires skill, knowledge, and experience— that we have. Let us transform your idea into reality.


Workshop your needs with our business and technical consultants.

During workshops we will focus on various layers of project planning, to guarantee the best possible outcome of our collaboration.

Engagement Model components

Choose the optimum path through our Engagement Model components

You have full flexibility in selecting the engagement model, or in combining them for various phases of the project cycle as it better suits your strategic goals and business needs.

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security standards

Full Confidentiality & Security


We perfectly understand and respect the confidentiality issues of your intellectual property. The confidentiality of your project is of utmost importance to us as one of the keys to creating a long term business relationship.


Anti-Virus Protection

IP Segregation

Intruder Protocol

Infrastructure security policies

Data confidentiality

NDAs with our customers and employees

Background screening for our key employees

Each employee is trained on IP rights

Secure computer networks and monitor internet usage

felxible project phases

Development methodology

Let’s create the working framework for the future project, making sure that it is fully controllable, and will have the highest quality standards. read more
To identify, refine, and prioritize the business requirements, we create the functional specifications and the design process. You will receive a detailed work plan, the time frames and estimated costs. Also in this phase we create the core project team, and test the design by using modeling and prototyping techniques.
It takes number of interactive steps to develop the final application. During this stage, we will create technical design documents (TDD), project plans, test plans, and prototypes for PoC. In this way allowing you to review the look, and feel of the future product from early development stages.
Expect to receive professional documentation packages. It can be quality assurance, specifications and technical design documentation, user guides, installation instructions, documented source or maintenance instruction. We work on high quality product documentation, and this is what we are going to prepare for you.
In most cases, we need to migrate legacy data to a new system. Starting by choosing the data that needs to be converted, we add extra coding if needed. This stage include: clean and validate old data to/for the new system structures and rules, running the programs/scripts, and verify the data to confirm that the conversion completed successfully.
We have an integrated approach to testing, Our testing process address both functional and non-functional testing (such as performance-testing and stress-testing). We test each solution and component in near real environments, focusing on identifying and fixing any bug that could challenge the successful launch of the new application/solution.
During large projects with a high degree of complexity, we finalize the project with a knowledge transfer phase achieved through structured training.
The system goes live based on our Installation Plan, after preparing the Production Environment, performing the cutover, and decommissioning legacy systems if required. We run all these phases with an iterative approach, mostly using SCRUM as the execution model. At the same time still being fully open to using other development methodologies, as required.
Our technicians will assist you via phone, remote session, or office visits. You can expect quick and high quality tech support from our team.
We provide consistent support & maintenance of software that ensures the continuity of your business with well-maintained solutions. For us, it’s all about making sure that the entire IT-infrastructure is cost-effective and runs smoothly.

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Delivery models


Yield maximum benefits for your organization over the long term.

We tailor our service delivery model to deliver best-fit, optimized outcomes for your business.

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Nearshore model

Delegate part of your company’s tasks and discover why so many neighboring businesses choose this option.

Decreasing your company’s costs and keeping the quality of work, are only some of the reasons.

Onsite model

Short-term projects or need to be more flexible? Onsite Delivery Model might be a perfect fit for you.

We are ready to quickly delegate carefully selected IT specialists directly to your premises. Gain comfortable control of the working process.

Combined onsite/offsite model

Combine the two delivery models for mid to large projects. We recommend this option if the project requires changes in the initial scope, and needs immediate attention.

Your own methodology

We are always open to adapt to your specific working standards and methodologies. Let’s talk and chose the best option for your project and business.


Integrated marketing and communication system


JavaScript, HTML 5


Our client, a leading oil & gas corporation, needed a partner to develop, deploy and integrate a marketing and communication system (online, mobile, email), a customer web and mobile program (MultiBonus program community) and handle their enterprise application integration (EAI).

EURO IT GROUP contribution:

Our team managed to deployed and integrated all the elements in a very timely manner. As a result, in just 1 month after launching the portal, our client had 10,000 registered users. Our team was formed of a consultant, business analysts, software developers and QA Engineers.

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