Cloud services

cloud services

Transform your business and increase cost-efficiency with cloud solutions

Our experts develop, integrate and deploy scalable applications based on cloud services in PaaS, SaaS and FaaS models.

We are ready to help you in developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android, at the same time managing the complexity of cross-platform mobile apps development. We use leveraging powerful tools and platforms such as Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin or React Native.

We operate on platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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Technology consultancy

We provide IT consultancy services based on a strong foundation of technology expertise. In both established and cutting edge technologies and industry specific domain knowledge.

Migration to the cloud

Take care of the smooth cloud transition of your existing project. Extensive Mobility, reduced costs and operational flexibility, are only some of its advantages. Discover its inherent scalability and improve your business.

Cloud architecture and prototyping

Advice and guidance through the best cloud-based solutions, frameworks and services.

DevOps and deployment orchestration

Deliver your application and build scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure. All of it with zero downtime deployment by using Kubernetes or different cloud-based solutions.

Big Data processing

Storage and integration of high volumes of data, exploration and analysis of data, machine learning and BI solutions.


To process huge amount of data collected from the devices and sensors.

Transform your business increase agility
and cost-efficiency with cloud solutions

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How we work

Great software comes from great partnerships, a passionate team, and the latest appropriate technologies. We believe in long term strategic relationships with our customers and partners.

Euro IT Group aims to gather a pool of talents in computer engineering, and help companies move away from far shore outsourcing for quick life-cycle and agile development.

We guarantee a professional approach and quality standards.

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Cloud architecture for human body 3D model


Angular, JavaScript
LESS, Bootstrap, JSON + REST
Java, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, Spring, JPA + Spring Data JPA
Kafka, RabbitMQ, Thymeleaf, Logstash, Prometheus

The Customer

Our customer is a healthcare startup focused on innovation that plans to scans the human body (20000 bodies in the first phase) and identify various body types and then use it to create machine learning classification algorithms to classify each scan into body type.

The need

The customer needed a strategic development partner to design and build an innovative solution for processing and visualizing tri-dimensional scans of human body from photogrammetric scanners.

The solution

Our team has been working alongside the customer’s team from early concept initiation phase, providing consultancy regarding the best-fit cloud architecture and the general design for their highly performant micro-services based solution. The main challenge was to handle huge amount of data in real-time; we handled this by proposing an E2E solution designed to copes with enormous amount of data to be processed for real-life scanning and analysis. Beyond being highly-performant, the solution had to be designed with focus on usability for the three main functional design features: Administration Panel, Client Panel and Expert Panel. 

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