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Meet your clients needs with Sitecore Experience Platform or Umbraco CMS

We helped our clients with CMS web portal development for various industries such as e-commerce, travel, media, logistics and many others. Our CMS solutions are based on two .NET platforms: Sitecore Experience Platform and Umbraco CMS.

The Euro IT Group .NET team is ready to help you with the process of building solution based on Sitecore Experience Platform or Umbraco CMS. Adjusting modules according to your needs and upgrading already existing instances.

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Team City, Azure Devops and Octopus server

Continuous Integration tools used for builds and preparing nuget packages that are shared to Octopus server – responsible for deploying nuget packages across different environments.

Azure and TDS

Cloud of choice to host our CMS applications. Provide autoscaling, detailed diagnostic & monitor tools.

We use TDS tool for serialization Sitecore items (used for large projects).

Unicorn and GlassMapper

Unicorn is a lightweight and free tool for serialization of Sitecore items (perfect for small and medium projects).

Glass mapper – ORM for Sitecore items. Simplifies development but may decrease performance if used in the wrong way.

Dependency Injection and Custom Indexes

(Lucene, Solr, Azure Search)

Helps keeping control over implementations and mock services in unit tests. Custom indexes used to improve searching speed.

Razl and Helix

Tool helpful during migrations and updates. It helps in finding and solving differences in items from different databases.

We follow helix architecture rules in our projects. They help to keep code and items structured and split up into layers.


Personalization and EXM

We store users information using xDB or xConnect. Used to profile visitors and serve them personalised content.

We use EXM tool for creating Email campaigns fully managed from Sitecore.

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Sitecore and CMS is one of the key areas of our expertise

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Great software comes from great partnerships, a passionate team, and the latest appropriate technologies. We believe in long term strategic relationships with our customers and partners.

Euro IT Group aims to gather a pool of talents in computer engineering, and help companies move away from far shore outsourcing for quick life-cycle and agile development.

We guarantee a professional approach and quality standards.

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Technology partnership with digital creative agency from UK


Sitecore 8 & 9
Azure Cloud
Continuous Integration & Continuous Deploy (Octopus)

Customer: Experience, design and engineering company from UK

The need: The customer needed a software development partner to support their inhouse teams with development, deployment and maintenance of modern Content Management Systems based on Sitecore Experience Platform.

The solution: Our engineering team was firstly involved in implementation of small and independent parts of bigger solutions. We worked under close supervision of customer’s inhouse team leaders. Within the time we were getting more and more trust and therefore bigger and more complex tasks were assigned to our engineers. After few months of cooperation we are fully responsible for two accounts, starting from requirements analysis & estimations, through development, testing and releases, ending on production deployments and maintenance.

Because of successful cooperation our team is constantly growing and taking more and more responsibility not only in Sitecore area but also in cloud solutions (Azure) and as consultant in other technologies.

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Our group companies have delivered more than thousands of projects worldwide to customers of various sizes from a range of industry sectors.