Software prototyping

software prototyping

Validate your business ideas and minimize development risks

We use prototype development approach to improve planning and execution of software projects.

It is very suitable for gaining experience in new application areas, and for supporting incremental or evolutionary software development. We will help you to endorse business ideas before turning them into complex products or solutions.


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Idea validation strategy and market research

Process of testing and validating your idea, assumptions before launching your service, product or business.

The Research and Development process to test the product before it is released to the general public.

Proof of concept and Minimum Viable Product

Design and develop the minimum set of features and functionalities. Validate the product idea and improve it based on customer feedback.

Clickable wireframes and mockups

A visual way of presenting a product to have a better picture of the final output. This approach is focused on the processes and general layouts to help present and visualize the whole business idea.

UX optimized

The designing process to improve user experience to increase product conversion rates and user satisfaction.

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How we work

Great software comes from great partnerships, a passionate team, and the latest appropriate technologies. We believe in long term strategic relationships with our customers and partners.

Euro IT Group aims to gather a pool of talents in computer engineering, and help companies move away from far shore outsourcing for quick life-cycle and agile development.

We guarantee a professional approach and quality standards.

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Front-end development for an insurance blockchain technology platform


Sass RxJS
Component libs: Material-UI & ReactMD

The Customer

Our customer provides a groundbreaking blockchain technology platform for insurance companies.

The need

The customer needed a software development partner to support their inhouse development team with front end solutions for their Enterprise Solutions.

Our solution

Our engineering team was first involved in the design and implementation of a modern, user friendly front-end for the Membership Management module of their insurance platform utilising blockchain technology.

Our team was responsible for the development of a complex multi-profile module for seamless users’ registrations, management and easy access to the platform. It also includes interactive and customizable dashboard widgets and an easy to use administration part for superUsers for the management and definition of the registrations & memberships flows.

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