Systems integration

systems integration

Simplify your workflow and boost efficiency through systems integration

IT architectures get more sophisticated. The heterogeneous collection of applications and business processes you own might become less compatible thus becoming a threat to your business.

Our services can help you maintain a coherent architecture, rationalize and modernize your IT infrastructure, improve your business processes and your access to company data.

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Enterprise Application Integration

From designing the architecture, collaboration between systems through the implementation to successful deployment and maintenance.

eCommerce integration

Integrating system through the modern API with you intranet systems like CRM, ERP, finance, POS, inventory management, call center and help desk systems.

Cloud Services Integration

Using cloud services to implement your business needs, integrating cloud solutions with your systems.

Data Migration

The designing process to improve user experience to increase product conversion rates and user satisfaction.

Data anonymization and GDPR protection

Protecting and encrypting personal data to be in line with GDPR regulations.

Data visualization

Use data visualization to gain knowledge and make fact-based decisions, which matters most to decision makers. Data drives business decisions, but data must become business intelligence before you can act on it.

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How we work

Great software comes from great partnerships, a passionate team, and the latest appropriate technologies. We believe in long term strategic relationships with our customers and partners.

Euro IT Group aims to gather a pool of talents in computer engineering, and help companies move away from far shore outsourcing for quick life-cycle and agile development.

We guarantee a professional approach and quality standards.

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eCommerce Case Study – Online Store


Angular Material


The customer, one of the larger hypermarket chains in the world, having close to 1600 hypermarkets and operating in 30+ countries, wanted to upgrade it’s e-commerce solution in an Eastern European country to a new, user centric interface marketplace.

Our solution:

Euro IT Group delivered a microservices based architecture that serves the client’s intention for a decoupled approach that now allows more flexibility. The solution required expertise with: Symfony, Angular, Microservices, scalable traffic solution, PHP frameworks, UX, design, backend, frontend, automated QA.

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Our group companies have delivered more than thousands of projects worldwide to customers of various sizes from a range of industry sectors.