Telecom Real Time Antifraud Solution that reduces by 85% fraud caused

Euro IT Group, in partnership with a leading global system integrator, have recently implemented a Real Time Antifraud (RTA) solution for a large European Telecom Operator. The results were impressive. The solution helped the operator reduce the usage of black routes by 85% and reduced 7 times the number of fraudulent SIM boxes in a matter of months; additionally, by converting a considerable part of the roaming traffic terminated via fraudulent SIM boxes into regular “white” routed traffic, the operator significantly increased their revenue.


The telecom operator was struggling to overcome large revenue leakages generated by the termination of roaming calls, which was increasingly eroded by fraudulent VoIP providers using increasingly more evolved SIM Boxes in order to locally terminate the international calls. As a result, the revenue was greatly affected: instead of receiving the termination fee for international calls, the operator was incurring the revenue for local calls.

Since traditional Fraud Management Systems have various limitations, only allowing to reject/block the whole traffic from fraudulent SIM boxes, an innovative new solution was needed to complement the legacy solution capabilities.


The operator chose Euro IT Group to develop and deploy a solution that would detect and then act on calls coming from fraudulent SIM boxes in real time. The solution now allows a smarter manipulation of calls encouraging the usage of white routes. As a consequence, it limits losses and generates the normally expected revenue.

The Real Time Antifraud solution now enables the operator to detect traffic patterns specific to SIM Boxes in real time, reuse the input from offline analysis, act on the traffic detected as being generated by SIM cards according to flexible logic and report the progress visually.

Briefly, instead of simply detecting and disabling fraudulent SIMs (replaceable in no time by the fraudster), the solution now keeps control on each and every call from the respective SIM card; the Operator’s fraud department could now program to fight against fraud without being programmers.

To offer maximum efficiency, the whole traffic needed to be handled in real time; the solution’s architecture has already proven to be highly available, scalable and fast. In the current implementation the expected traffic during peak hours was of approximately 4500 tps and it was tested on the existing hardware for up to 8000 tps.

The Real Time Antifraud is just one of the use cases implemented on top of the platform integrated with the network for real time communication. The Antifraud scenarios have been developed by the Antifraud specialists using the graphical tools provided by the platform. The whole implementation cycle from an antifraud idea to the real implemented counteract is shortened massively, up to 10 times. New use cases are currently implemented for SMS Antispam, roaming steering and welcome SMS.

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